Conditions of Sale

As we take great pride in only breeding the best quality kittens and raising them in a clean, safe and healthy environment and providing our little babies with the correct diet and social experiences we like to know that they will go on to live in a loving happy family. So if we do ask a lot of questions please don’t be offended.

We here at Watagi Bengals love our cats they are not just pets they are a part of our families.  They are all indoor cats which protect them from predators and protect the wildlife and enable us to keep our babies’ injury and disease free.  We take pride in the fact that our kittens are happy, healthy bundles of joy that will become an intricate part of your family for the next 15 or so years.  Therefore we ask that purchasers please consider all the factors of owning a kitten before purchasing one of our babies, they will need veterinary care (i.e. vaccinations, de-sexing etc.), a good quality diet to maintain optimum health, and lots of love and attention to develop their personalities.  Kittens will act in ways that we think are not acceptable such as scratching up the brand new leather lounge, climbing up the curtains and other things that they think are oversized play toys put there especially for them, this is all just part of being a kitten and although annoying make excellent photo opportunities!  These are the issues that need perseverance or re-direction to a suitable toy such as a cat tower.  Kittens like puppies and children need to be shown their boundaries and will soon learn what they can and cannot do, it just takes a little time and effort on the new owner when they arrive at their forever home. As we endeavour to sell our kittens to persons that will love and cherish these babies for their entire lifetime we have developed a check list for potential new parents.

  • Financially can I afford a kitten/cat? (Purchase price, veterinary care, feeding etc.)
  • Can I offer a forever home?
  •  Am I able to oversee some adjustment mishaps as the kitten adjusts to its new home? (i.e. an accidental pee or curtain climbing)
  • Have I checked that other four legged family members will cope with bringing a new pet home?
  •  Do I understand responsible pet ownership?
  • Are all family members in agreement to bring a new member home?
  • If I rent, am I permitted to own a cat?
  • I am not buying the kitten as a surprise gift?
  • I am prepared before the kitten arrives home
  •  And the most important question about owning a Bengal…….do I have an hour or more every day for him/her to plonk itself on my lap and demand my undivided attention (dogs have masters, cats have slaves!) while I sit and watch my favourite TV show!

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