Retired Wagati Bengals

GC Wagati Anastasia (Coco) – Retired

Sire: BDGC Jagsun Illuminata  /  Dam: Prowlers Darkside of the Moon (IMP NZ)

Stunning marble coat, Coco won Best Kitten with CFCCQ 2011, and she had very positive comments from the judges. Lovely marble pattern, runner up at the Bengal Spectacular Brisbane 2013 out of 40 Bengals. Has a title of – Grand Champion. DOB 11/02/2011

2013-08-04_Coco (19)2013-08-04_Coco (18) - Copy


Wagati King of Hearts (King) – Retired

Sire: CCCA Ruby TrGC & DiaDGC  Benzots The Gambler (with thanks from Lyn and Max from Benzots Bengals) / Dam: Wagati Tiger Lily
Date of birth  7/05/2014

 BDGC Wagati Ghalib (Pierre) – Retired

Sire: Exoticatz Wild Legacie / Dam: Jagsun Paparazzi Princess

Pierre is a brown spotted Bengal with lovely big rosettes. Pierre has really done me proud in the show ring. He started his career at 11 weeks taking out best Bengal at the Tamworth show as a kitten, and has gone on to be a Bronze Double Grand Champion. He has now retired to breed some lovely Bengals. DOB: 21/05/2010

Wagati Tiger Lily (Lily) – Retired

Sire: DGC Bengadale Bennys Kilt  /  Dam: GC Wagati Diamonds Forever
Lovely rosettes wonderful looking girl, unfortunately crowd shy so have not shown her but a huge thank you to my good friend Lyn from Benzots Bengals for the use of her lovely boy Kilt thank you. DOB  11/09/2012

 Jagsun Morning Mist (Mona) – Retired

Sire: Jagsun Aces Wild  /  Dam: Jagsun Magic Whisper

Known at home as Mona, (she has a lot to say).
My thanks to Heather from Jagsun Bengals for this lovely girl.
DOB 7/09/2009

DGC Jagsun Illuminate (George)  – Retired

George is a Brown spotted Bengal. George is a good natured cat and does the Bengal breed a good name in the show ring with his lovely temperament. He is currently a Double Grand Champion.

GC Wagati Cappuccino (Cappa) – Retired 

Sire: Wagati Ghalib / Dam: Jagsun Silver Cinders

Known at home as Cappuccino.
What a personality into everything, lives in the house and often woken up with him jumping on you. Just won his first supreme in show at Strathpine (QFA show). At his young age he has finished the 2013 year as Grand Champion!
DOB: 20/12/2012 Colour – brown marble tabby

 Wagati Angel Eyes (Angel) – Retired

Sire: Jagsun Aces Wild / Dam: Jagsun Salina

Angel is a registered brown spotted Bengal. Angel has been lightly shown with success but thought the crowds were not in her best interest. At home she is a loving girl. DOB: 29/07/2010

Angel_2013-12-15 (5) Angel_2013-12-15 (3)







GC Wagati Diamonds Forever (Asia) – Retired

Asia is a brown spotted Bengal has lovely rosettes, she was successful in the show ring and is titled a Grand Champion! Asia has gone to live with Lyn and Max at Benzots Bengals. DOB  7/11/2009


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